The Human Empire of Huganuaght has conquered the Hasland, Dwarvendom, Florin, Hispaniola, Guilder, Caliland, and the Federation of the Swamp. The Goblins and Avalon have a trade embargo against them. No way to get supplies the Dwarves of Avalon have taken to smuggling and piracy. The official religion is Cathor and all other worship has been outlawed all. Arcane magic is strictly regulated by the Council of Mages. An unregistered mage suffers the death penalty if caught. The Empire’s military controls all airships allowing them to patrol vast amounts of space in addition to the advanced developed by the enslaved gnomes. The Dread Pirate Roberts was captured seven years ago by the Huganuaght Empire in a effort to discourage piracy. In his place something much worse came to be. The crews of the dead started to sail, ravaging ships and small towns as they go. The Elite guards of the Huganuaghts are Chimeras. Humans who have fused their bodies with those of animals. The J├Ągers make up the primary ground forces. Each company is accompanied by a few human commanders.

The Party will be the crew of a former Elven Frigate named The Rising Dawn. It was converted by Avalon dwarves to be a smuggling ship. Ideally the captain will be the a Dwarf PC.

This adventure takes place twenty years after the last swashbuckling campaign. Most of the old crew was killed by Spaniards when the cook betrayed them. This includes the Captain. HE IS DEAD! His last words were “Checkmate!” I will try to avoid meta campaign.

This campaign will be based on TL 4
150 points
-75 Disadvantages points
-5 quirk point in-addition to the disadvantage limit
5,000 standard


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